Lisa Ohlen Harris

My editorial experience dates back to the 1990s when I had my first opportunity to write copy and try my hand at proofreading and basic editing skills in my work for a radio broadcast in Philadelphia. I quit working when my first child was born, and although I did a bit of personal writing during the years when my kids were young, by the time I returned to copywriting and editing, I had been away from the editor’s desk for nearly ten years. Layout was no longer done at a light  table with an X-ACTO knife and rubber cement, and manuscript corrections were embedded using change tracking. 


I returned to editing incrementally, at first doing freelance ad copy writing and consulting on layout and design. I started writing my first  book. In 2007 I joined the editorial staff at Relief Journal as the nonfiction editor. In 2008 I enrolled in an MFA program. Soon after moving back to my home state of Oregon in 2009, I launched my present freelance business: Editorial and Critique Services. My Middle East memoir, Through the Veil, was published in 2010; my caregiving memoir, The Fifth Season, came out in 2013; in 2015 I self-published a writing craft book, Creative Nonfiction Toolbox: Exploring Form and Method, which is a limited edition available only to my clients and those attending my workshops or readings.


I teach online for Creative Nonfiction Foundation and welcome freelance projects such as consulting and critiquing articles, book reviews, literary essays, family history, memoirs, query letters, and book proposals. I offer a variety of services, from proofreading to consulting and mentoring. My clients have been published both traditionally and independently. I am both a teacher and an editor, and this comes through in my feedback. I won’t just correct or suggest changes, I will tell you why such changes would improve your work and what patterns I see in your writing, whether they are patterns to be strengthened or patterns to be overcome.